The road to TED: part 4 – inspiration

December 23, 2011

by LIOR ZOREF @lior

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Saturday, 7am, I just finished feeding my 4 month old baby and he went back to sleep as did the rest of the family.

I went to watch the most popular presentation on TED – the mythological TED talk by Sir Ken Robinson, “How Schools Kill Creativity”. No matter how many times I have watched this amazing TED talk – I learn something new from it each time.

This time I concentrated on Sir Robinson’s incredible combination of self-humor, personal stories, citations and of course his great idea.

This is the most viewed TED talk – and I have to let you know that this talk does not include the use of PowerPoint slides! It does include however a great idea, extraordinary story telling skill, humor but mostly, it makes us think.

I sent Sir Ken Robinson an e-mail. If there is someone who inspires me as a speaker, it is him. Perhaps he is the world’s best presenter. I hope he will agree to share some of his experience and insights with me as I ascend upon my preparation process for TED.

(Update – I received a reply and we have agreed to meet during TED)



Today I had 2 meetings with extraordinary people related to TED.

One is the professor Shimon Shoken from Herzliya IDC. He was the one to dream and create TEDxTelAviv.

He also delivered an amazing presentation which was later uploaded to the and has over 150,000 views:




The TEDx event in Tel Aviv inspired me so much, that my dream was fueled to present at TED (here’s the link to the episode from @shidurey in Hebrew).

The second meeting was with Adital Ela, one of 2 Israelis who have became a TED fellow. She was chosen out of thousands to be a part of a group of 20 people (chosen yearly), to join TED and to receive assistance in organizing resources to help them with the projects they have initiated. Adital’s project is called Windy Light. It’s about street lights which work on wind energy (link for details). She’s raising money to fund the project, and you are welcome to help.



  1. Nili says:

    Lior, loving this journey of yours. As you are now on my list of “must follow closely”, rather than just “follow” Please share some insights we can self develop from too. Like your main takeaways from Sir Robinson’s talk.
    Keep us posted and hang in there, you are inspiring!

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