Sometimes our dreams do come true

May 9, 2011

by LIOR ZOREF @lior


In the past few months I’ve shared with my facebook friends the dream to present at TED.

This is how it looked like:



Three weeks ago, in the middle of the night, Maya Elhalal-Lehavi posted a note on my wall, telling me about the upcoming auditions for new TED speakers
It was only because I confessed about my dream, that I was notified about this chance. Ever since, I get practical advice from friends on facebook about ways to fulfill my dream…

The next step was to submit a minute-long video which explains what my idea presentation.
One minute only! OMG
The video was supposed to explain what the idea and present it in an interesting way.

Why am I sharing this with you?
Because that’s exactly the main idea I want to talk about: How Wisdom of the crowds can change the way we manage our lives and fulfill our dreams.
In my case, the decision to share my dream meant that many people chose to help me to make it true.
Here is the video I sent as the first audition:



Last Friday night, I received the following e-mail that made my heart skip a beat …
We got hundreds of submissions. From this group, we’ve narrowed it down to 17 and we are pleased to inform you that YOU have been chosen to present live as a finalist.

In the spirit of American Idol, they told me I was accepted to the team. But in this case I don’t have to sing (which is good …).
A team of 17 finalists are coming to New York. Here are the details on the TED blog.
Anyway, I need to make a 5 minutes long presentation! …
In those five minutes I need to present the idea, tell a story in an emotional and fun way.
How should I do this?
I have a few ideas but in this case, I prefer your input.
If you have ideas and tips to help me build a 5-minute-long lecture that will make the audience say WOW, don’t hesitate, and share them with me.
So if everything will be ok, without any last minute changes, in two weeks I’m getting on a flight to New – York to make my dream come true.

No matter what will be the result, the day will come in which I’ll tell my grandchildren that their grandfather was not afraid to dream big.
Thanks …

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