I’m going to speak at TED 2012

November 23, 2011

by LIOR ZOREF @lior

imageTwo years ago, as I was talking with my good friend Yosi Taguri, I confessed about my dream: “I hope, maybe in 5 or 10 years I will stand on the TED stage and give a TED talk…

Yosi laughed at me and said: “You have a better chance of winning the lottery than to speak at TED”…

I’m thrilled to announce that my dream is about to come true as I’m going speak at TED 2012.

And all of you, my facebook and twitter friends, can help me to create the first ever crowd sourced TED talk.

Here’s the main idea that I’m going to share at TED, which is based on my PhD research:

For the first time in history, people can think in crowds. Social networks made crowd wisdom available for everyone using tools such as facebook, twitter, youtube and others.

Making the right choices in life is not always easy: whether it is taking a mortgage, or deciding on the best medical treatment between several alternatives, now is the time to think together using technology and crowdsource our way in life.

We are all used to using social networks for sharing; now we can enhance our decision-making dramatically, by using it to think with others.

My TED talk is going to be created using crowd wisdom, your wisdom. I will ask for your thoughts and insights and hope to include them in the talk.

I invite you to join me in this exciting journey.

Thank you.

  1. Elinor Cohen says:

    Great topic (as a social scientist it’s very interesting for me to explore). How would you like our “crowd wisdom” shared with you? here on comments? other mediums? 🙂

    1. Lior Zoref says:

      Hi Elinor,
      I’ll gather crowd wisdom on many platforms. Here, on facebook, twitter & TED conversations.
      Thanks for the feedback. I’ll start developing my TED talk with the crowd next week…

  2. Charlie Even says:

    It will be a great honor to be you crowd.
    Count me in!

  3. Roy says:

    We rae so crowd of you!

    Good luck Lior

    1. Lior Zoref says:


  4. Lior, all the best! you’ve earn it.

    1. Lior Zoref says:

      Thank you Eyal!

  5. Yoel Arnon says:

    Good luck Lior – count me in 🙂

  6. Ofer says:

    Maybe, if you have bought a lottery ticket, you would have won that too 🙂

  7. Lior Zoref says:

    Thanks ofer!

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