The formula for happiness and a few tips for London

November 21, 2016

by LIOR ZOREF @lior

I’ve returned from a brief visit to London. I was invited to give a keynote at Earnix Pricing & Innovation Summit for finance leaders who came from 23 countries in Europe and the US.

Before the lecture, I listened to other lectures and I wanted to share some insights from one of the wonderful lectures I heard.

It was Jason Stockood’s lecture, CEO of Simply Business, the largest insurance company in the UK. This company wins, year after year, first place on the ranking of the best companies to work for in the UK.

Like Zappos in the US, Simply Business is also investing many efforts to make employees happy. Stockwood shared in his lecture what he has learned and what he’s trying to implement to make employees happier.

We will see his formula soon, but first here are some interesting facts that he presented.

85% of the people who work as employees in organizations do not love their job.

I was wondering what your answer to the question would be? …

It’s not enough that most people dislike their job, in the next few years many professions will be replaced by robots and artificial intelligence.

Stockood presented fascinating data from the Economist and its titled is “The chance that robots will replace your job in the next 20 years.”

If you dream to work at telemarketing or begin an accountant, think again … on the other hand, dentists and therapists will maintain their profession for many years.

So what kind of characterizes the people who love their job have? Is it possible to express these characteristics in a formula?

In Stockood’s opinion, it’s is possible and he even presented his formula for happiness. This is not about a scientific study but a representation of his personal opinion and yet it’s an interesting chart that made me think.

So, here’s the formula to happiness according to Jason Stockood:

Explanation: Y – axis describes the level of interest, the X – axis the time. According Stockood, there are three main factors to happiness (p + h + g): physical appearance, sense of humor and intelligence and one major factor that reduces the degree of happiness (i) – the amount of irritating habits.

You can implement this idea in the relationship. The formula for happiness in a relationship is:


One obvious conclusion is that maybe in addition to “investing in the relationship”, an effective way to raise the level of happiness is to think about ways to reduce or get help with all the annoying errands that we have in everyday life.

After listening to a few other lectures, during a dinner party I gave my own keynote about crowdsourced innovation.

My wife accompanied me during this trip and at times that I didn’t lectured, we’ve spent together. Here are some tips from us. Instead of well-known tourist attractions, here are what we chose to do.

In recent years, a lot of cycling routes have been deployed in London and many areas to rent bikes. If the weather permits, there is nothing better than going for a nice bicycling tour. The track can start with watching the street art and graffiti in Shoreditch street via the Thames, London Bridge and Central London. You can buy groceries along the way and have a picnic at Hide Park.

A few more tips (true for the end of 2016):

Inspiring antique bookstore  – Maggs (next to the Green Park).

Great restaurant – The Duck & Rice (Of course order the Duck).

Funny situation comedy – The Comedy About a Bank Robbery.

Many thanks to friends from Earnix on their invitation to present in their summit.

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