Do you use crowd wisdom when you think?

November 30, 2011

by LIOR ZOREF @lior

imageI’m starting to crowd source and create my TED (here’s some background).

This is the idea that I am going to share:

Wisdom of Crowds theory exists for many years. The theory states that the collective wisdom of big crowds is smarter than experts as we solve problems or make decisions.
Until recently, the use of the wisdom of crowds was possible primarily for organizations that have invested resources in developing technological solutions that transformed crowd wisdom into products such as Wikipedia for knowledge and
Waze for navigation.
In my PhD research I investigate how social networks allow each of us to use crowd wisdom in the daily process of thinking and decision making.

This means that anyone with enough social network friends can ask questions that will require them to think. The collective wisdom from all the answers is probably the smartest thing to do.
There are already a few people who are using this method. By doing so, they upgrade their ability to think and make decisions significantly.
Currently, the most popular activity in social networks is sharing. In the future we might use social for something completely new – thinking.

I call this Mind Sharing.

That’s it…

I’m creating my TED talk using crowd wisdom, your wisdom. It will be the first ever crowd sourced TED talk.

I hope that you’ll join me in this journey and take part of this process.

I’m looking for exceptional individuals (not organizations) who are using their own social network profile in order to get crowd wisdom in a way that improves their personal or professional lives significantly.

I’ll share their stories in my TED talk 🙂

Here are a few areas of interest – musicians, educators, designers, spiritual leaders, marketing experts, people looking for relationships etc.

I’m not interested in people who are using specialized web-sites but rather their own network of friends in social-networks such as facebook or twitter.

In addition, if you have interesting stories or ideas that might add value to this topic, I’ll be happy if you share them with me.

Great minds think alike, clever minds think together.

Thank you

(Here’s a link to the comments and discussion in Facebook and a link to the comments on TED Conversation).

  1. Joan Neslund says:

    I am a librarian and doing a presentation in March on… “Can Collaborative Information be Authoritative?” This is exactly the topic I am going to talk on. Some things do need the best and reliable source there is, like medical or legal (even those have huge Crowd Wisdom elements). In general, my theme is use the brain you were born with to filter out and make decisions on what information works for you. I teach critical thinking and how to search for information, rather than sticking to the outdated authorities.

    1. Lior Zoref says:

      Thank you for sharing this example! Good luck at your presentation 🙂

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