TED 2012 program guide has been published

January 11, 2012

by LIOR ZOREF @lior

imageToday the full schedule of TED was published, including all the presenters.

Here’s the link to the program guide, and this is a link to the detailed schedule.

The event is 4 days long. My TED talk is on the second day of the event, Wednesday, February 29th, at noon.

I am presenting after LinkedIn founder, Reid Hoffman, god help me.

Among others, you can find the director of DARPA (Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency), the chairman of Singularity University and the most technological wizard there is, Marco Tempest (which if you have not seen his last TED talk, here is the link).

The text for the presentation is ready thanks to dozens of you who have fixed and improved it. I have taken it down from Wikipedia to save some of the element of surprise for the TED participants.

I’m now starting to build the PowerPoint presentation (anyone want to help with the design?) and rehearse.

Now officially my heart beat rate is up by 50%.

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