When will computers become smarter than us?

March 18, 2018

by LIOR ZOREF @lior

Peter Diamandis is an inspiring thought leader, entrepreneur and futurist. I met him at TED 2012 and was fortunate that he became of the early supporters of my book, Mindsharing.

He founded Singularity University in 2008 with futurist Ray Kurzweil in anticipation and preparation for the moment when computers will be smarter than humans. They call this point of time ‘technology singularity’, a moment that will change the future of humanity in ways that is hard to imagine.

Peter recently published a forecast for the next 20 years based on his own estimate combined with a group of 50 people whom he called “the smartest people I know”.

According to Diamandis and his colleges, in 2030, computers will be as intelligent as or more than humans in every field. Computers are already smarter than humans in specific tasks such as playing chess or answering trivia questions. This forecast predicts that by 2030, artificial intelligence will be smarter than human intelligence.

12 years from now.

According to Diamandis, this breakthrough will lead to the singular moment in which human life will change in ways beyond our imagination and it is hard to predict what it will look like then.

A fascinating, frightening and exciting forecast.

You can download the full forecast from this link.




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