Living on a Yacht

June 1, 2018

by LIOR ZOREF @lior

Earlier this month I traveled to Greece where I boarded a yacht and spent a week sailing in the Saronic Gulf as part of the Skipper trailing course.

At one of the beautiful marinas I met a nice British couple who docked just beside us. They left their house, their family and their careers as they started sailing in their own boat. In the last 6 years they are living their dream and sailing around the world.

I was curious to ask them how they did they make this decision and what can we learn from those who live in constant adventure. I asked permission to ask them a few questions and they happily agreed. I skipped over the railing toward their boat and here’s what they told me during our conversation.

First, meet Paul and Lorraine. A nice British couple who has been sailing for 6 consecutive years on Freya of Wight, named after the Norse goddess of love Freya.


What made you decide to leave your normal life and go sailing around the world?

We had a normal life but one day while celebrating a special birthday we decided to sail around the world. We had never owned a boat before or spent more than the odd day on a sailing boat, but we weren’t going to let a little thing like not knowing how to sail stop us, but we always told ourselves, “We will do it for another 5 years.” There will come a day when we will retire and then it will happen. But then a few of our relatives and friends had health issues and died dies. We decided that we won’t wait any longer and go after our dream. We made a list of all the things we needed to do to make it happen, and found answers to them all. For two years we planned and studied. We earned our Skipper license, bought a small boat and took short cruises to learn and improve. After gaining experience and confidence, we bought our existing boat and renovated it to suit our needs.

Is it only suitable for rich people?

Definitely not. We left our job, sold our apartment, bought and rented two smaller apartments. The rent pays for everything we do. You’ll be surprised, but living on a boat is can be much cheaper than life in the city. We are not rich people and you don’t need to be rich to live on a yacht like us.

What does life look like on a yacht?

We are connected to nature. At sea we see turtles and dolphins all the time. We always explore new territories. But it’s not always glamorous. Living on a boat can sometimes be boring. For example, we waited for 30 hours to the wind before we could resume sailing, doing simple jobs like the laundry can take a whole day. This adventure is suitable only for couples who can be 24 * 7 with each other.

What about your family?

Our children are already grown and we also have grandchildren. Going far from them was the hardest thing. We make a lot of video calls. In addition, every few months we fly home and meet our children and grandchildren. Then we return to our boat and continue to live our dream.

You can read their blog at this link.

Finally, here is a short video I made following my adventure sailing in Greece.

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