The Future of Capitalism

March 15, 2011

by LIOR ZOREF @lior


Today I was fortunate enough to deliver a keynote presentation at the Israeli Marketing Association conference about digital marketing.

At the end of my presentation, I introduced an inspiring idea…

If someone had told us a few months ago that Facebook and Twitter will be the platform that will enabled Egypt’s revolution to occur, many would say that he was insane.
If someone will tell us today that the social media revolution will lead to an economic revolution and a change in capitalism, many of you will say he is crazy…
But the person saying that is Alex Bogusky. Alex predicted the digital marketing revolution in 2003 (remember the Burger King’s chicken campaign?) and he is one of the world’s most respected advertising professional.
Bogusky, who was a partner at Crispin, Porter + Bogusky, had recently retired and devotes his life to the following idea:
Brand value remains only within the bounds of the company and not shared with society. As consumers are the greatest force in modern economy, the digital age allows consumers to get together and force the companies to operate differently.
Here’s a short video with the main idea behind COMMON:

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