I just finished writing the book

February 20, 2014

by LIOR ZOREF @lior

imageAfter two years of pregnancy and one sleepless night, I feel as if I’ve just gave birth to a new baby.

My book is being sent just now to the publisher (Penguin Random House).

227 pages.

60,443 words.

Thousands of people (you) participated in writing and editing the book.
What an amazing journey…

In the next few months, the publisher will make additional edits, design the final cover and prepare for launching the book in October (and its already available for preorder on Amazon).

I’ll send a detailed thank-you later, but meanwhile, I feel that I must thank the thousands that were part of creating the book. I don’t know most of you personally (or just learned to know you throughout the writing process) but I feel I owe you deep gratitude.

Thank you for your thousands of ideas, edits, feedback and kind words.

Special thank you for Doug Abrams and Lara Love. They are my partners in developing and writing the book. We delivered this baby together. I couldn’t have dreamed of having better partners and friends in this journey. I love you so much!

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